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Binary Options Trading Tips


The easiest part of an investment is the handing over at the forex counters. Predicting what your position will be from there is rather left to fate. Getting the right know how of determining your price is as important as deciding to take that step into the pan. The race to achieving the best reward can only be won by analyzing the progress from the start.



***Prices and charts

The Binary options are a twenty four seven process which enables the trader to keep track of the investment. The prices and charts displayed on line can give you a sign of whether your assets value is fluctuating or stable.

A constant calculator will be determined on the binary option you choose. These vary from short term expiry periods daily or long terms which amount to monthly counts. These are also known as vanilla options.

Your decision on the market should be determined by the following description of products


***Commodity market

This category consists of any raw products that are freshly extracted from their natural source. They include gems, fuel and gas and beverages like unprocessed orange juice. The contract price for durable commodities is higher than the price at which the perishable market price. It is up to the trader to trade at their convenient moment either at the beginning or the end of the first term; if he decides to extend the contracts after the expiry time to three months. This increases the trust of the markets in the trader.


***Stock markets

These are the most common binary asset dealer. Your cue to invest will be determined by the broadcasted announcement of the companies involved. The rise and fall of a company’s earnings will determine the price you end up buying for your investment. This market is highly affected by the macro economic factors like


***Bollinger Bands

This is a technical analysis of the vitality of mutual funds above or below a regular progress. When the mark gets the upper band the market experiences a surplus purchase of its shares or stocked assets and vice versa. This however is determined on a monthly basis or long term basis


***Moving average convergence

This calculator depends on the average price of the asset invested in the market over a specific period which occurs on a daily or weekly base of tens. They help the binary option brokers to eliminate the possibilities of fluctuation in a trading period. As days go by, the new rates are added to the race while the

over-aged investments are plucked out. The effects of the moving average divergence have the opposite effect on a trader’s payout


***Broker selection

Brokers prompt their traders to sell their investments at one price which sometimes may not lead to profits. The research on your broker’s history determines the out come of your investments during a variable spread. One who cannot share your financial budget humanly is not worth dealing with because they could just end up charging you for a loss. Therefore make sure that you check their success in the past before you cash in your assets.

The binary options may present a view of what money can do but you cannot afford to live on a mountain of regrets. So weigh your options wisely and make your deals on the right counter.


The internet has a number of tutorial sites, which provide realistic knowledge about the binary options. There are several websites, which provide free demo accounts or trial accounts, which are like the real accounts, but do not deal with real money.

These binary options demo account give an understanding of the way the binary options work and are traded.

The first step in starting binary options trading is to create a demo trader account at one of the several binary options brokers currently available (with demo offer). The accounts are usually free of charge and usually there are no other fees related to it.


Binary options trading can be done on various financial markets like the forex market, the commodity market, the stock market and the indexes.

Initially it is good to start with a small amount and then build up on the fortune.

10 Steps to trade your money safely with Binary Options

1. Choose a binary options platform which provide free demo accounts or trial accounts.

2. On your first time do not deal with real money.

3. Make sure you can withdraw your money at any time.

4. Confirm the platform has good customer support.

5. Plan Your Trading Schedule

6. Make sure that you survey all the different binary option brokers/ sites.

7. Choose a platform that offers payback for binary options that expire out-of-money.

8. Trade binary options only on platforms that offer at least 70% returns.

9. Select a platform that supports a multitude of currencies.

10. Use a platform with high security system.


Binary options are no doubt a simple and easy way to trade the markets but one has to be prepared so that there are minimum losses.


Timing is an important element with binary options trading. Just as entering into the market at the right time is important, so is exiting from the market, at the right time as well. A trader should know when his trade has chances of ending out of the money, so that he can adequately do the needful to avoid or mitigate the losses.





There are lots of different types of options to trade on (one year/ one month/ one day and even one hour). Knowing which option to choose is all dependent on if you want to make money fast or slow.


However, since it’s typically very challenging to determine how the markets will be reacting in one year, one month or even one week, make sure that you trade on a platform that allows you to buy one hour options.

One hour options are not only the fastest way to make money, but they provide you with greater flexibility than other options.


People who love to read the news can make tons of money with binary trade. People who read the news know what important events are coming up and can predict how markets will react - the basics of any good binary option trade.


One of the main benefits of binary options is that payout is determined in advance, when the buyer enters a contract to purchase an underlying asset.

A binary options contract will pay you a fixed return, regardless if the underlying asset’s price movement was huge or minute.

As long as binary options expire in the money by $0.001, you come out winning. With that said, it is best to choose a platform that offers 65-70% returns minimum. Anything lower than that just isn’t worth it.


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