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Binary Options Brokers with Minimum Deposit - December 2016


This category can help to beginner traders in binary options field because almost all of them want to try this trading but not really sure how to make it and if they can earn money from this action.


This is the reason for the binary options demo account offers or for the bonus some binary traders get while opening account.


You have to remember very important thing (!) you don’t have high risk while you open account with minimum deposit (100$ for example) but you can’t make a lot of money too. So, you have to ask you if you start to trade with binary options to make 100$ or 200$, or your goal is to make big profit with one or two investment.


Here are 5 Binary options brokers with low deposit amount:

Company Name
Minimum Deposit
Welcome Bonus
Return of Investment
Open account
Up to 2,500$
Up to 185% GrandOption Review
100$ Up to 100% Up to 71% OnlyOption Review


Advantages of choosing a low Deposit Binary options Broker


Binary options are all or nothing options where you buy an option in cash and when it expired you get the full amount or nothing and in case you got an asset when the option expires you get the value of the asset or nothing. There are only two probable solution for a situation and hence the name binary options. These also go by another name digital option.


Binary option promises good profit, but to taste the profit it offers one must find a good binary options broker who can assist you in trading to enjoy the maximum profit (and don’t think about the option the broker is give you to deposit low money amount is also the best one). When approaching a binary options broker you should look for two important points.


Minimum Deposit

This deposit is the amount that is paid as the brokerage to the broker for opening an account to start a trade. The next point follows after this. Most of the broker are offer 200$-300$ deposit but you can find brokers are offer less than that but we are not sure it’s so good for you and you have to check this is not a scam.


Minimum Position

This is the minimum investment one must make to enable the transactions from your account in the market. You decide what is the amount you will invest every time, many binary options brokers offer to start every investment in only 10$-20$ (but again – you invest small amount you will earn small amount, so think about it again)


This minimum position has quite a number of advantages:


Minimizes the risk

If you are new to binary options trading minimizing the risks can make to earn good profit and this minimum position helps in that. For sure you have to start your first steps in this field with small money amount or with virtual money, until you will understand the system and the market position. You can also open account with minimum deposit broker from this list and then to continue with one from the most popular companies in the market.


Getting the required training

With betting with small amounts, you get naturally trained to the market and understand the fluctuations of the market.  Then, it becomes easy to imply the strategies to earn profit in these binary options trading.


Limited losses

If you are betting with a less amount, then if the option didn’t go through the loss will also be very less.  With the remaining amount you could still go for a trade. There is no incidence of failing in all your trades.


Multiple chances of making money

Since you would havechosen a minimum position for trading, the trading will be proceeded with that amount until you increase it. If you have deposited 100 and if you have selected 5 and minimum position, you get 20 times to trade and even win the trade.