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OptionFair - Binary Options Brokers


General Information about optionFair

Option fair is one of the most objective and professional trading platforms that are available in the marketplace today. It is indeed an excellent choice especially for those people who require a trading tool on binary trade. By using the option fair, it actually means a substantial profit for everyone using this kind of program.


This kind of platform is very easy and quick to use. It offers an instinctive way in trading in the leading financial market like the Commodities, Forex, Stocks and even Indices. Option fair is using their expertise in ensuring the exception trading experience in all the customers through its digital option trading. Since it is a web-based platform, people can instantly trader from anywhere around the world and there’s no need to install and download in any software. The precision and speed of software is indeed exceptional and it also has cutting verge technologies that allow extensive variety trading settlements.


Review of optionFair

 In traversing the menu in the optionfair is very easy to do. It offers a very clear menu bar that is made up of various sub options that drop down for use. The most important thing is that you will be given instructions on how will you use the program as well as there’s a wide Frequently Asked Questions area wherein you will find answers to the things that you want to be answered. The said program is very well organized and can easily load quickly so you will not be worrying about your trades being completed.


optionFair Choices

The said interface in the option fair is very simple and effective. It is offering the trader a variety of different options in the binary trading. It also allows the trader to hedge their certain trades against the risk of investing on any specific industry. You will also not be limited by the languages in option fair as long as you are very willing to trade within 3 languages. This can be a problem but nobody can stop you in trading in this kind of platform. The people will be able to use Arabic, Turk and English but some language like Spanish; French are not going to be available.


optionFair payments

Being paid for the trades is the primary concern of the option fair. They are offering payment option of Skrill, Money Brokers, wbmoney, cashyou, rockspace, maestro and Reuters. In the event that you prefer payment through credit card MasterCard and Visa is available. PayPal will not be available but perhaps in future it can be added to payment list.


Trading Account Types

There are actually 4 types or kinds that are obtainable through open binary options demo account sub menu. You can actually deposit in your account as small as 200 dollars. This is a great thing especially for those new investors as it allows small investment without having the possibility of losing money.


optionFair Customer Support

Option fair is offering a live chat features that allow a one to one interaction or conversation which is very helpful. There’s also new stream function that will allow the customers in having first-hand information about the market around the world.


English Video | How to trade with optionFair:

How to trade Binary options with OptionFair's trading platform? Click on the play button.
Watch this video and learn how to trade Binary options with the most user friendly and professional Binary options trading platform - OptionFair.

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English video | optionFair easy Binary options Trading:

Now you can trade with OptionFair broker, one of the best binary options companies. Are you ready for this?