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Binary Options Explained

Binary options are also popularly known as digital options and are in fact alternatives to “all or nothing” category of investment which offers the investor a fixed compensation when the options meet the condition. One can make adjustments to it by utilizing the payment amount that has been set to use an option for basic asset which was purchased achieved the fixed criteria.


You can trade binary options any time and any day. It is possible due to the reason that the markets throughout the world are always open. For example, take any time of a day or a night, you will find that somewhere someplace a market action is happening. Markets experience a constant change and they are always busy. Most of the trading takes place at the peak opening times of main exchanges of the world such as Singapore, New York, Hong Kong, Europe and Japan.


Therefore, it is always a good idea to trade during these times in order to make sure to gain maximum amount of profit in a short period.

To achieve maximum profit in binary trade you must take into regard two most important strategies. To keep a watch on your particular trading category is pretty important. If your main interest is to trade in options which focus on commodities then you must watch markets like New York Mercantile Exchange or Chicago Mercantile Exchange. This will help you take quicker action when you notice any change of schedule in the market where you can make investments and earn profit by finding yourself in the right market on right time.

In 2008 itself, such options were published in CBOE (Chicago options exchange), also known as Chicago Board of Options Exchange which has an index of S&P 500.

Binary Options- Two Main Types

  1. Cash or nothing
  2. Asset or nothing

Both of the above mentioned options allow payment of fixed amount to an owner in situations when something happens before expiration.

While trading binary options, the buyer has to speculate the price of basic asset with regard to any increase or decrease in future. Based upon this speculation the buyer purchases the option. If the buyer assumes that there will be increase in the price then he will go for binary call option, but if he assumes that price of asset will decrease below strike rate then he will go for binary put option.

There’s no doubt that such type of trading comes with lot of advantages but to make it easy for you we have created a list that will prove to be pretty useful. Below mentioned are the benefits that can turn out to very useful while dealing with trading assets with use of Binary option-

  • Binary options are short termed and may range from one hour to one month. Thus, when you invest, the return is fast.


  • Binary options give higher returns of 70% (sometimes more than that).


  • Binary trading trails direct & straightforward principle – would the price of underlying asset increase (call option) or would the price decrease (put option)?


  • Exchangeability is the appealing aspect of Binary options because it allows you to trade on numerous time frames on unlimited amount of assets.


  • Enter the financial markets effortlessly with various trading levels that suits your comfort zone.

Binary options are quite simple and easy to understand when compared with other modes of investments. As a trader all you need to do is speculate whether the level of price will face any changes in future. With such analysis, then can easily select whether to purchase a call option or a put option. Those who are interested in this mode of investment can analyze the increase or decrease in the level of price and purchase options accordingly.

It’s not a rocket science to be successful in binary options trading. But one needs to possess the fundamental knowledge about it just like in any other mode of investment. You should have a good idea about the factors that can cause changes in the price level. Also, do not try to utilize overly technical tools as there’s no need to know how much price will increase.

Trading binary options in real scenario must be based upon present prices of market and exceptional platform that’s been created particularly for your level of knowledge.