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Binary Options Daily News 07/19/2013 <<                             >> Binary Options Daily News 07/29/2013

  Binary Options Daily News - July 11, 2016

The binary options for most commodities and currencies were not good in this trading session. The markets of the United States were closed while the investors remained alert because of the forecasted consumer confidence information release of US.



Technical Analysis of Currencies


The EUR should go up and reach more than the level 1.3000 so that it can get further gains in the succeeding trading days. The resistance was found at the level 1.3010 and it moved up. Regardless, the value of EUR might remain in between the level 1.2800 to 1.3000 before its attempt to try the resistance.



The value of this currency pair exceeded the line of 101 and the perspectives of JPY will depend on the condition of Nikkei. Once the index pursues to do well and submits encouraging signals, this currency pair might bounce back to 103 once more.



The British pound followed the movement pattern taken by other major currencies such as USD as well as EUR. Its picture recommends that the value of this currency should range in between the level 1.5050 to 1.5200 even at some time in every trading session.


Technical Analysis of Stocks

The binary options trades for the Asian stocks obtained returns for its first time following its 5-day decline. While the JPY ended its attempt to go higher, it changed the outlook of Japanese export into a more bullish one. The benchmarks of Japan Topix and Nikkei got an increase of 1.66% and 1.46%.


These Japanese benchmarks were able to make additional returns because of the developing indices futures of US prior to the release of the consumer confidence of the country.


The markets of Europe were at the positive side at the beginning of this week while the trades for the top regional benchmarks of CAC as well as DAX got increases which were estimated at nearly 1%.  The risk appetite present on the markets of Europe climbed up while the investors for binary options failed to pay attention to the issues concerning the declining industrial production of China.


The binary options trade on Fiat increased by 4.4% while the industrial minister of Italy provided assistance to the business to maintain its production strength within the country.


Technical Analysis of Commodities

The futures of gold were higher at this trading day. On the other hand, the futures of crude oil slumped. The fact is that there were different factors that affect the commodities involved in the binary options trades. Meanwhile, the traders were not determined to show aggressiveness on the crude oil as the increasing supply output of the United States and forecast affected the commodity.


There are several elements that can trigger changes in the binary option for gold. As of now, the commodity remained oversold. It became a reason for the traders why they were in a good mood to pursue this precious metal. The traders should pay attention and choose call options every day when it comes to binary options for gold.



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