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Binary Option Bonus


Binary options trading has gained a lot of popularity among the traders and numerous trader are pouring into this attractive new style of trading. With the steep rise in the number of binary options traders, the number of binary options brokers has also witnessed a proportional increment. In order to attract the new traders of binary market, the binary options brokers introduce bonus schemes.


Binary Options Bonuses - Brokers with Great Offer


Binary options bonuses aim to attract the binary options traders so that the binary brokers can expand their customer base. The bonus schemes varies from broker to broker. The brokers keep introducing new schemes when something special like new year, Christmas, Easter etc. approach.


The bonus schemes can be of various kinds. Some binary options brokers offer a fixed amount bonus, some offer a percentage of your initial deposit as a bonus while some brokers offer exclusive features like a few risk free traders as a bonus. The most popular bonus is 100% sigh up bonus on the amount you deposit. Some binary options brokers offer sign up bonuses as high as 350% as well.


Availing Sign up Bonuses


It is very important to understand that there are a lot of terms and conditions associated with the sign up bonuses and they are a little tricky to get. You will have to follow a set of guidelines and if you are able to do that perfectly only then you can claim the sigh up bonus. These terms and conditions vary from broker to broker but are similar in nature.


The most important term is that you will need to deposit more than the minimum allowed deposit to be eligible for the sign up bonus. For example, the minimum deposit amount for a binary options broker may be just $250 but you may need to deposit at least $1000 for qualifying to get great sign up bonus.


After depositing the amount you will have to trade a significant volume before you can claim the bonus. Most of the binary options brokers have set the minimum limit of 50 times the deposited amount to be traded for sign up bonus eligibility. So if you have invested $1000, you will need to trade at least $50000 before you will get the sign up bonus. It is also important to know that if you make a withdrawal before trading the specified limit, you will not stay eligible for the bonus. Additionally, there is a time constraint as well. You need to reach the trade volume before running out of pre-specified time limit.


How to get maximum binary options bonus


If you are looking for availing the maximum possible bonus, first you should be clear with the amount you are going to invest. After that you will need to go check out various binary options brokers’ websites and find out the broker which offers the highest sign up bonus while making you eligible for the bonus with your amount you want to invest. You should also look into the bonus terms and conditions of the broker and carefully decide if you can satisfy the various clauses. After this you can open an account, deposit the amountand start trading. It is worth mentioning that if you wait for special occasions, the broker may offer better bonus schemes.


Sign up bonus can increase your balance instantly when you have completed all the requirements for availing one. They are not very easy to get but definitely worth the effort.


New Announcement (January 2014) - CySec and binary options Bonus from Regulated Brokers

It is a well-known fact that many of the binary options brokers operate from Cyprus (but still did not got regulation license) due to the easy norms of the country. CySec (Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission) has taken initiatives to strengthen its control over their regulated binary options brokers and make them more confident and user friendly. CySec recently vowed to work on its regulatory framework and the mechanisms regarding the market surveillance. CySec has already initiated working on its aim and have introduced some changes to be followed by all the binary options brokers operating from Cyprus.


The binary options brokers offer bonuses to their clients when they open an account to boost their customer base by attracting new traders. The sign up bonuses come with a lot of terms and conditions.


CySec has directed their regulated binary options brokers that the transactions for bonuses will be permitted only when the trader is allowed to withdraw entire or a portion of his or her balance. The bonus terms generally compel the trader to make a certain volume of trading transaction before they are allowed to avail their bonus amount and any withdrawal before trading that volume leads to disqualification from claiming for a bonus.


CySec believes that such terms and conditions are misleading and not in the interest of the traders and should be checked. CySec also directed their regulated binary options brokers to give full knowledge of the terms and conditions for a bonus to its clients in a clear format. If any CySec regulated broker fails to do so, CySec will take appropriate action against the guilty binary brokers.