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General information about Ikko Trader

Ikko Trader is one of the renowned binary option brokers based in Europe. It is a predominantly French language broker. However, it offers services in different languages. Operated and run by ChargeXP Investments LTD, this binary option broker is powered by SpotOption and utilizes the platform of this software provider for their operation in binary option trading. They have offices all over the world including UK, Belgium, France, Switzerland and Luxembourg.


Review of Ikko Trader

An extensive offer of different assets particularly features as well as trading tools, is the major attractions of their platform which plays a significant role to their achievement. Ikko Trader has a concrete foundation of pleased clients who enjoy top quality facilities and money-making trades.


Ikko trader Choices

The amount of assets accessible at Ikko Trader go beyond different items and take account of 6 commodities such as sugar, coffee, gold, oil, silver, and platinum, 8 induces, 11 currency pairs as well as 18 stocks such as British Petroleum, Danine, Gazprom, Barclays and many more. The time of expiration responds to all binary trading types covering periods from some minutes to a number of weeks. 


Ikko Trader Payments

Ikko Trader provides good payments on your investment up to 75 percent based on the asset traded and the termination time.  The company also provides 10% return of the money if the trading forecast is wrong or “out of the money”.  Even though profits are not good enough as compared to other brokers, Ikko is surely competitive and provides a great package with lots of profit chances in a great sort of assets.


Trading Account Types

Apart from binary options trading, this binary option trading broker also provides One Touch choices with high payouts of up to 500 percent. These choices are uncontrollably accessible during opening time and normally expire in 15 minutes or less. Therefore, they provide an exceptional chance to earn big in just matter of minutes.


Other special features provided by Ikko trader that offer maximum profit are the Roll Over and double up. The former is a stop loss technique through postponing the termination time. This strategy requires 30% deposit, but once the option is in the money, the trader will gain an additional payment of 30% higher. On the other hand, the latter allows making a new choice with similar conditions like the one which has already been purchased. This can make the profits double in just a matter of one click.

Ikko Trader Customer Support

The website is accessible is six languages and their customer assistance is available through telephone, live chat and email. Contacting the client support is easy and their email assistance replied within 3 hours. The response time of Ikko Trader and the degree of expert assistance was so impressive.


All in all, Ikko Trader is a reliable and impressive broker. They provide features that are not available in other brokers. The degree of customer support is satisfying, even if the payouts are not the highest still they provide an excellent package with reliable service.

English Video | How to trade with ikko:

How to trade Binary options with ikko trader's trading platform? Click on the play button.
Watch these two videos and learn how to trade Binary options with the most rofessional Binary options trading platform - ikko trader.

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English video | Trade Binary options with your Personal computer:

Now you can trade from anywhere with the binary options platform - ikko trader. Are you ready?