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BNRY - Binary Options Brokers

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General Information About BNRY

BNRY is a comparatively latest platform that has not reached its best fame yet. The website is run and operated by SpotOption, which is a leading managing domicile for trading binary options. It is mentioned that digital can result to losing your resources, either partly or completely. As far as safety is concerned, working unparalleled in order to make your agreements safe from any type of loss or theft because of foreign objects, is the highly rated safety essentials. BNRY system ensures proper handling of your investments and keeping its authenticity.

Review of BNRY

The core of some entity is the major reason for its failure or success. With regard to BNRY, the center scheme manages to present a step forward party for its customers. Easy to navigate, user-friendly interface, pure website-based, no additional streaming and direct settlement of traders transaction are the major points which count in the program provided by BNRY. This broker provides a special feature-- 10 percent of the cash you lost in binary trading will be revisited to you. This type of program and working principle are not available in other binary option broker. Thomas Reuters is one of the information providers of this site.

The registration process is relatively simple. You just need to give the detail and you will get the notification link. No deposit is needed so as to register with the program: this feature is rare among trading binary platform these days.


They provide the users the opportunity to observe the expired rates for analytical purposes. Before registration, you can also access a complete interface teaching how to trade. The demo account service allows the traders to get updated with the program without risking their funds.


BNRY Choices

BNRY offers different platforms to the trader to trade accordingly with their qualities and requirements. Investors can trade in options, option or one touch. This allows the investor to match up their knowledge to the program.

BNRY Payments

Three types of payment procedures are provided, which include wire transfer, debit or credit card option as well as through online. You can also transact either in Euros or US dollars. An investor cannot withdraw $ 100 or less and he needs an initial deposit of $100 or 10,000 yen.

Trading Account Types

The platform offers a choice to trade in various kinds of assets which include commodities, stocks, indices and currency. These further take in a lot of choices to trade in. When you are not able to find the type of assets you like to invest in, you can call the organization to add in the assets in the listing.


BNRY Customer Support

BNRY is easy to understand and a user-friendly program offering consumers a chance to trade with effectiveness and simplicity. You need to contact BNRY brokers by means of email, live chat as well as phone support. Their live support as well as customer assistance is provided continuously and you can call anytime you want.

Now, you already know the general information about BNRY.

English Video | How to trade with BNRY:

Would you like to trade Binary options with BNRY's trading platform? after did you read this article you can make it with this binary Options broker or with other from the list.

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English video | Trade BNRY and start your trading:

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